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Dream Vision International (DV3)'s hair and make-up department will provide you with professional artistry for a multitude of genres from print to film... glamour to horror... and special effects, including prosthetics. 

Our Hair and Make-up Department has worked on Feature Films, Television projects (Network, Cable, Web) and Commercials.... as well as

High Fashion Print, Sports (Athletes and Product), Pop promos, Corporate productions, Documentaries and more. 

Our staff is experienced with a wide variety of professional make-up and hair products. Currently in-house we carry Crème de la Mar, Reel Creations, Graftobian, Bobby Brown, Smooth On, Synair, Hydro Seal, Decker, GS Manufacturing, along with silicone and urethane mold rubber, liquid plastics, casting resins, foams and duoMatrix.

Hair, make-up and prosthetics are an integral part of film, television and production and at DV3 we understand the importance of creating the illusion to establish a time period, special effect and any other element needed. Our artists will be on-set and oversee all hair and make-up needs through out the entire shoot. 

Credits include: 
MTV, Music Video Awards, CNN, NBC, TNT, ESPN, A&E, TLC, HBO, IFC, UFC, Spike, Playboy, UFC, Toyota, LL Cool J, BB King, Criss Angel, Schick, FHM, W Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, VMA Awards, Grammies, George Clooney, Samuel L. Jackson, Wolf Blitzer, Lennox Lewis, Andre Agassi, President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Miss America pagent, Las Vegas magazine, US Olympic Basketball Team (photo shoot), Callaway Golf (Photo shoot), & more.


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